I was born and brought up on the Wirral, went to Lancaster University and left with a B Ed (hons) in Art and Design. From there I've done many things, including three years of jewellery training, several years of counselling training and having my family.

Over the last few years I've exhibited in art galleries across the Wirral, and have completed many private commissions, ranging from small, personalised canvases, to a large scale triptych wall hanging.

I abandoned the formal, lengthy design techniques from my early training in art some time ago and take a much more spontaneous, intuitive approach to my work. My paintings almost take on a life of their own as I aim to portray my emotional response to the chosen subject matter. This is often my local beach or nearby woods, but I find inspiration in almost everything. The theme of love also plays a vital role in my image making.

I love to incorporate textural elements that help to suggest the natural qualities inherent in the subject. Hand-made papers, recycled plastics, litter, sand and other unusual debris are often included, creating richly textural and tactile pieces.

I'm a qualified and experienced counsellor, and can incorporate art therapy skills into my practice. There's more information about this side of my life in "INTUITION".

I've run many art workshops and classes for children. Now that I have my own studio gallery, I can finally offer more classes to adults, fulfilling promises I made some time ago.

Seagrass is the next logical step on the road that I'm travelling- I'm very excited about it, and am so happy to be able to display my work in a permanent home.

Where to find us

1 Acacia Grove
West Kirby
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07732 533999

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